Indigenous Artist Jackie Traverse designed two images in recognition of Truth and Reconciliation. Her 2 drawings were put together to create a tributary fabric in acknowledgment, awareness, forgiveness, and healing.
Jackie says about her designs: “I drew the first image in honour of the children that were discovered at Kamloops. It is titled ” They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds”. Art has always been my medicine and sitting with this image helped me to get my thoughts together, as it was a very difficult time for all when the discovery was made.

I am a 70’s scoop survivor. I lost 3 siblings in the 70’s scoop. I have found 2 sisters – one lives here in Winnipeg, and the other is in Alberta but she chose not to meet me. My brother is still out there, I pray. He was adopted in 1975 as a newborn and sent to the USA. I thought of my siblings all so young and defenseless as babies when they were taken and I prayed that they were loved and safe in the homes they were placed in.
I drew the second image last summer. It is my brother and sister holding medicine and an eagle feather, praying. The children want us to heal, to pray and live a good life for them. This is what I feel in my heart. Jackie Traverse”.