100% Cotton

This sturdy, boat-shrunk duck fabric is resistant to water and mildew. The flame-retardant marine fabric stands out from similar fabrics with an added feature: exposure shrinkage of around 3% or less under ordinary use. Sunforger Boat Shrunk FR Marine is a popular boat fabric for use where typical water and moisture conditions occur. Applications include T-tops, boat tops, biminis, dodgers, tents, and outdoor applications. 

 This canvas is also DOUBLE TREATED for mildew resistance and water repellency with Sunforger. There is a huge difference in canvas and treatments from brand to brand and store to store. 

Sunforger® is a water repellent and rot and mildew resistant finish which is breathable and has excellent lightfastness. Available with or without a flame resistant finish, the base fabric is 100% cotton army duck, constructed with ring spun yarns for superior strength and appearance.

Sunforger® is mineral dyed and stocked in both Pearl Gray and Colorless. This fabric is typically used for manufacturing tents, tipis, as well as various marine applications. Sunforger™ is a wax based, non-toxic chemical that enhances the properties of cotton canvas. After the army duck canvas goes through the Sunforger™ process, it is pre-shrunk, water repellent, durable, mildew resistant

It has the strength advantage . Unlike single or dual fill canvas, both the north – south and the east – west strands are twisted together and then are woven through each other to form a very, very tight and strong weave. In fact our 10 oz. Sunforger marine boatshrunk army duck has the strength of 14 oz regular canvas. When you are comparing rope, hemp and nylon rope may weigh the same but one is certainly stronger than the other. Canvas is kind of like that . It may be of the same color and weigh the same but definitely different in performance and durability.

Sunforger marine boatshrunk army duck has the highest strength to weight ratio, best heat retention, water repellency and mildew resistance of any other canvas on the market. 


Available With FR and WITHOUT