Roxanne Shuttleworth, Designer.

“My items, designs and art are created & come from my understanding of visions, dreams, guidance & direction from the grand’beings’. My love of sewing & other handwork allows me the versatility of using various materials when following, learning and then sharing that which is shown to me.

Background: Roxanne grew up in Bacon Ridge Mb, the metis community adjacent to Ebb & Flow First Nation.  A single mother of two, Roxanne’s greatest joy comes from her two grandsons Aiden and Calvin. Roxanne learned the thread arts from her mother, grandmothers and maternal aunties. At six years old she learned to crochet, then added beading, knitting, cross stitch and embroidery. Sewing since she was 9 years old, it was the frustration of not finding any fabrics that represented her, and her people that led her to search for ways to design her own fabric.

Working with Siltex Mills in Winnipeg, Roxanne designed and released her first collection in 2015. Starting with Cotton Batiks, and expanded into Satins and Cottons.